3dsmax - External HDD Issue

Troubleshooting 3dsmax

Since I have been working on a laptop recently I keep my large assets, textures, models etc on an external hard drive which most of my 3D files are linked to. What I was not aware of is that your hard drive goes to sleep automatically after awhile - which you will notice a few seconds lag when diving down a few folders deep if you have not used your hard drive directly for 10-20 minutes. Fortunately I found a fix on a blog which I found recently which fixed my crashing issues completely and so far so good, ill update this otherwise.

Railclone - Windows Part 1

2 Panel Conditional

I am doing a three part series on building parametric windows using Railclone. This is the first installment which is starting off basic and is a slight adjustment of itoo's parameterising windows tutorial. You should watch this first as it explains how the Arithmetic/Selector node works. I will provide the expression anyway below if you don't require a thorough understanding Itoosoft Parameterise Windows Tutorial

Railclone - Parametric Facade Wall Builder

I came up with this Parametric Wall Builder as Im always building houses from CAD plans. It enabled me to be able to quickly build the walls and window, door & garage holes without needing to adjust the geometry by hand, it all works using splines. Its also helpful if a client comes back with changes to the Elevation as you can readjust the splines and the windows & walls readjust instantly.

You can adjust the Wall height, thickness & plaster size using user input parameters as well as the window capping thickness. You can view a short gif of how it works and for the full tutorial you can see the bottom of the page.

3dsmax Lighting & Color Match

I have created a simple tutorial to simplify linear workflow for the reason that people are still struggling keeping their scenes linear for consitency and color matching. You can read more about it in the tutorial section. Ill be following this tutorial up with my render settings for vray 3.3 - which is suspiciously similar to Vlado's ;)